Black Lives Matter

What Are the NBA's New Social Justice Initiatives?

After postponing playoff games on Wednesday and Thursday, the NBA has reached an agreement with players to resume the playoffs and demonstrate a greater commitment to social justice issues.

More Than Half of Americans Support NBA Strike, Poll Shows

Fifty-seven percent of Americans support the Milwaukee Bucks, the Los Angeles Lakers and other NBA teams that have refused to play in the season playoffs in protest against the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

When the Center Cannot Hold

Republicans must be willing to differentiate themselves from Democrats on the foundational issue of securing law and order.

BLM Activists Follow the Path of MLK and the March on Washington

When asked what he thought the original protesters would think, activist Tyler Green said: "I think they'd also be disappointed that we're still having to march at all. They did it so we wouldn't have to, but here we are. It's now up to us to try again so that our kids don't have to."