Book Excerpt

Miss Manners' Etiquette Lessons for Contagious Times

In an excerpt from her new book, Miss Manners takes on the challenges of maintaining polite interactions among people who really want to stick their (ideally well-covered) noses into others' business in the age of the coronavirus pandemic.

Podcaster John Moe on What's Most Important To Understand About Depression

"I won't unfriend depression. While the friend wants to kill me, I have learned to deny it the means and opportunity to do so, so we're good. Honestly, the perspective that depression has on the world can be edifying even if it is full of distortions," says podcaster John Moe.

Podcaster John Moe on Why Comedy and Depression Often Go Hand in Hand

Depression "is not a mood, it's a psychological disorder," says John Moe, podcaster and author of "The Hilarious World of Depression." "Simplistic solutions [are] useless to the point of being insulting. It's like saying, 'Just go for a nice walk and you won't have such leukemia.'"

How Parkland Drove DICK's Sporting Goods to End Assault Weapon Sales

Chairman and CEO of DICK'S Sporting Goods Stores Ed Stack grew a small family business from two storefronts into the largest sporting goods retailer in the country with over $9 billion in sales and close to 800 locations—and he did so with a sense of responsibility to the communities he serves.

This Woman Paddled All 730 Miles of the Green River

In the new book "Downriver," Heather Hansman paddles the length of the Green River—the biggest tributary of the Colorado River - in an attempt to understand the fight overwater, and what's going to happen to those battles in a hotter, drier, more crowded future.

James Taylor's Big Break

This excerpt from the new biography covers James Taylor's rise to fame in the early 1970s.