Book Review

Meghan Daum Declares War on Political Correctness

Daum watched with growing fascination as the Trump election, a profound challenge to progressive ideals, did not bring the opposition together, but splintered it, with the movement eating its own.

Chapo Trap House Book Confronts Climate Apocalypse

Though "The Chapo Guide to Revolution" has all the taxonomies of right wing pundits and lib punching expected of leftist podcast Chapo Trap House, the threat of environmental collapse looms over the jokes.

Blood and Sand

The great deserts of the American West are the setting of several new nonfiction books.

Heartily Recommended

Julie Schumacher's new epistolary novel, Dear Committee Members, mocks the practice of writing recommendation letters while also spinning a fine tale

Beneath the Hat

Diane Keaton shows style and substance in her new memoir, name-checking a few men along the way