Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro Elected Brazil's President

Jair Bolsonaro, dubbed the "Donald Trump of the Tropics," clinched the presidency with 55.1 percent of the vote, despite concerns about his misogynistic and anti-gay rhetoric. What's at stake for Latin America's largest country?

Brazil Presidential Elections: Is the Economy in Peril?

Right-wing Social Liberal Party hopeful Jair Bolsonaro and former Sao Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad of the left-leaning Workers Party offer different solutions to Brazil's economic woes. But who will prevail?

Brazil's Far-Right Bolsonaro Leads by Double Digits

Bolsonaro's popularity has grown dramatically since the first round of voting took place on October 7. Prior to that, he was predicted to narrowly lose to his opponent in the expected event of a run-off.

Brazil Elections 2018: Polls, Candidates, Results Time

"Bolsonaro is a Brazilian version of Trump," Allana Ferreira, a Brasilia-based journalist told Newsweek. She explained that many people think Brazil needs someone with "a strong hand" to remove the current political class.

Venezuelan Refugees Granted Easier Access by Neighbors

Many Venezuelans have complained that it has become increasingly difficult to obtain passports and official documents, such as marriage and birth certificates, as their country sinks further into an economic crisis.

Blaze Destroys Museum in Rio De Janeiro

Fire at National Museum in Rio de Janeiro destroys more than 20 million items, including archaeological finds and historical memorabilia.