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WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

With WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view streaming on July 13, the Player.One crew gives its "expert" predictions about who will win

Every Match at Extreme Rules

The card for WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view is stacked, and there's a lot going on. Here's the entire show's card with the backstory on each feud.

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WWE's Paul Heyman is holding "An Evening with Paul Heyman" show before WrestleMania 34. We spoke with the advocate about the show and how sports entertainment blurs lines between fiction and reality.

Complete Match Results for RAW 3/26

The March 26 edition of "Monday Night RAW" will continue to setup the card for WrestleMania 34 but will John Cena get his match with the Undertaker?

Did Brock Lesnar Finally Appear on RAW?

The March 19 episode of Monday Night RAW will have the Ultimate Deletion and Brock Lesnar having his first planned appearance in over a month, but will the Universal Champ actually show?