Bombing in Bulgaria: Turning the Tide on Hezbollah

Justice can't be fully served unless Hezbollah, which masterminded the 2012 bombing that killed six and injured dozens more, is held accountable by Bulgaria, the European Union and the global community.

Prime Minister of Bulgaria Fined $174 for Not Wearing Mask in Church

In photos taken during Boyko Borissov's visit to the Rila Monastery Tuesday, the majority of people present for the event could be seen without a mask. On June 22, the Bulgarian Health Ministry made the use of masks in public indoor spaces once again mandatory.

Racist Chants Nearly Derail Bulgaria-England Soccer Game

A Euro 2020 soccer tournament qualification game between England and Bulgaria was nearly cancelled Monday after a segment of Bulgarian fans continually chanted racist abuse towards black England players.

The History Behind the Quidditch World Cup

Every year since 1473, according to the J.K. Rowling series, the wizards of the world have gathered to contest the Quidditch World Cup, the single most popular sporting event in the wizarding world—Gobstones championships notwithstanding.

Eurovision Grand Final to Air Saturday

Performers from 26 countries will compete for international glory and the hearts of 204 million viewers around the world. And there will be costumes.