Best of Frenemies

Pakistan's Husain Haqqani has tough words for his home country – and for its supposed ally, the United States

Murder in the Air

Twenty-five years on, a Lockerbie widow recalls the day she lost a husband and her three small children lost a father

Mexico's New Oil Rush

Unless Mexico invites in foreign oil investors soon, a country with the world's second-largest untapped crude reserves could become a net energy importer

Soccer Punch

FIFA has taken heat for its decision to hold its main event in a small emirate with big money

The Hanoi Cleanse

A U.S. veterans group is moving back to Vietnam to help repair the damage, their own and a nation's

Never-Ending Odyssey

Two Italian towns are battling over which was Odysseus's true destination. Millions of euros hang on this ancient mystery

Crooks at the Top

The impeccably upright Germans are reeling from a succession of financial scandals involving high-ups from the president to a Catholic bishop