Police Investigating Stabbing of Man Found in Bullet-Riddled Porsche

The police found the 33-year-old victim alive but severely injured in South Indian Hill Boulevard, Claremont—a city approximately 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles—around 5 p.m. on Thursday evening, shortly after a vehicle collision had been reported.

Three People Arrested for Allegedly Trading 2-year-old for a Car

The event is thought to have taken place in 2018 when the child's biological mother, 45 year old Alice Todd, allegedly handed the 2-year-old to husband and wife, Tina Chavis, 47, and Vicencio Romero, 53. In return, NBC reports she received a 1992 Plymouth Laser Hatchback.

Florida Man Buries Girlfriend's Car in Dirt

After his girlfriend wouldn't answer his questions, Hunter Mills allegedly used a tractor to dump a giant load of dirt onto the 2010 Cadillac sedan, filling the air vents and open windows.