Top Marine General Let Emails Leak, Sources Say

"He didn't want the Marines and families at Lejeune to get f***ed," one Defense Department source said of the reason why General Robert Neller allowed the emails to leak.

Shelter for Caravan Asylum Seekers Shut Down

The closure in Tijuana, Mexico, comes after advocates raised the alarm about asylum seekers becoming ill amid worsening conditions at the temporary shelter.

President Trump Approved Use of Force at Border

As 400 military police officers from the U.S. Army redeployed to San Diego, the Trump administration approved the use of U.S. troops at the border for law enforcement tasks, permitting them to employ lethal force.

DHS Spies Are Among the Migrant Caravan

Additionally, around 400 military police officers from the U.S. Army are set to be redeployed to San Diego as a caravan of migrants approaches the southern border.