Cardi B

'NBA 2K20' Soundtrack Live on Spotify

"NBA 2K20" has an evolving soundtrack, and you can listen to it for free right now. The tracklist features Travis Scott, Cardi B., Drake and more.

Colbert Suggests Cardi B Give SOTU Rebuttal

New York rapper Cardi B has recently sparred with conservative talk show hosts, spawning Stephen Colbert to start a petition to let her give the Democratic rebuttal to the State of the Union address.

Tomi Lahren Picks Fight With Cardi B

In her latest bid for attention, right-wing provocateur Tomi Lahren took on Bronx-born hip-hop star Cardi B Sunday, sparking an argument over racism and "blind" support of President Donald Trump.

The 11 Best Albums of 2018

As with everything else, it was a strange year in music—but also one of unpredictable and satisfying pleasures

The Best New Artists of 2018

In the music world of 2018, it was young upstarts who dominated the airwaves and the Spotify playlists.