The True Story Behind 'Manhunt Deadly Games'

"Manhunt: Deadly Games" is currently airing on CBS, and tells the story of the bombing of the Olympic Park in Atlanta in 1996 and the subsequent police investigations into Richard Jewell and Eric Rudolph.

How 'Mom' Will Work After Anna Faris' Exit

"Mom" Season 8 has started filming without Anna Faris, who recently announced she left the CBS show. Allison Janney has recently previewed what the show will look like without her on-screen daughter.

Why Marie Osmond Has Left 'The Talk'

"The Talk" has seen another presenter exit the show as Marie Osmond quits the show after one full-time season of the CBS daytime series.

The Future of Cop Shows on Television May Involve More Policing Experts

"This is an outlet that has a significant impact on every community. And for that outlet to be able to capture accurately what's happening and to understand the nuances [of policing], I think it can help the country heal," said Ronald Davis, a partner of policing consulting firm 21CP Solutions.