Latin News Outlet's Facebook Page Goes Dark for a Day

teleSUR English has nearly 400,000 Facebook "likes." Their Facebook page went back up on Wednesday after speculation from its staff and readers of censorship by the social media giant.

Civil Rights Book Banned In New Jersey Prisons

The renowned book, "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander, is not allowed in two New Jersey state prisons, according to prison documents obtained by the ACLU of New Jersey and released Monday.

The Case Against Censoring Art

A petition to remove a painting by Balthus is rejected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Good move, anti-censorship organizations say.

Censorship Argument Hits Elementary School Libraries

Amid arguments about censorship on college campuses, elementary school libraries are becoming settings for these debates as well, with the majority of Republicans believing texts featuring LGBTQ characters don't belong there.