Central Intelligence Agency

Inside the CIA's Top Secret Otter Dossier

"A Dossier on Lutra (The Otter)," a newly disclosed file from the CIA's illegal mind control experiments, Project MKUltra, may have been used to raise and train animal spies and bombers.

Trump's Pressure Points

Former intelligence analysts say CIA director Mike Pompeo seems willing to bend to Trump on Russia and Iran.

Intelligence Leaders Hit Back Against Trump

The top spy officials reiterated their conviction that Russia was behind the election-year hack of Democrats and promised an unclassified report next week.

Outing the CIA's 'Undertaker'

In decades past, the CIA had reporters on its payroll. Now the press can inadvertently do its bidding.

Spymasters Under the Klieg Lights

A new documentary showcases eight former CIA directors talking about 9/11, Iraq and "enhanced interrogations."