Charlie kirk

Charlie Kirk: Time for President Trump's New Wollman Rink Moment

"I believe providence and fate have placed President Trump in office for exactly this place and time, and I am confident he will make the decision that will stun his critics, turn doubters into believers and restore the greatness of American all over again."

UConn Students Oppose Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens

"As Muslims, Jews, undocumented students, members of the LGBTQ+ community, working people, and students of color, we stand resolutely opposed to the ideas and principles espoused by Kirk and Owens."

Trump Retweets False Claims About Paris Protesters

Although protesters have taken to the streets to demonstrate against fuel taxes, the criticism of President Emmanuel Macron is actually the opposite of what right-wing commentators have claimed.

Candace Owens Claims Depaul University Canceled Event

Turning Point USA Communications Director and Spokeswoman Candace Owens decried "censorship" at Chicago's DePaul University, claiming Tuesday the school "pulled the plug" on an upcoming campus speaking event.

Video: Protesters Ambush Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and communications director Candace Owens were mired in millennial mayhem as they claimed an "Antifa" protest broke up their otherwise "peaceful" breakfast in Philadelphia on Monday morning.