Christopher Columbus

What to Do About Columbus Day

Rather than abolish Columbus Day, let us add to its meaning. Let's make it the holiday that celebrates the accomplishments immigrants have made and continue to make for America and the world.

Philadelphia Democrat Threatens Removal of Black Statues

Former Democratic South Philadelphia state Senator Vincent Fumo, on Thursday, suggested that statues of Black Americans in the city could be removed if the monument of Christopher Columbus is taken down.

Italian Americans Have a Columbus Conundrum

Controversial statues across the country have been defaced, vandalized and removed, including those of Christopher Columbus. But many Italian Americans believe the latter are a symbol of their heritage and contributions to the country.

Ohio City Makes Election Day a Holiday

The designation of Election Day, which typically falls on the first Tuesday in November, as a holiday is intended to remove obstacles to voting.

Stolen Columbus Letter Returned to Spain by ICE

While ICE has recently been making headlines for separating immigrant children from their parents, the agency is also responsible for investigating stolen artwork and looted cultural heritage.