Chuck Hagel

Obama's Right-Hand Woman

Susan Rice is one of the president's closest advisers. But does she have what it takes to put America's foreign policy back on track?

The Strong Horse

America has no chance of defeating ISIS unless it can win over the Sunni tribes in Iraq and Syria.

Obama Mulls Defense Secretary Pick

President Barack Obama is considering a variety of high-profile figures as his candidate to be the next U.S. defense secretary and replace the resigning Chuck Hagel, administration sources said on Monday.

What Went Wrong in Afghanistan

For thirteen long years US forces have occupied the country that harbored Osama bin Laden. And there is no end in sight.

The Hagel Doctrine: In His Own Words

Chuck Hagel's resignation reveals a Defense Secretary at odds with the Obama administration and the Republican Party to which he belongs. So what did he think?

White House Says Syria Strategy Working

The White House and Pentagon sought to portray a unified stance on Syria on Friday after reports that a memo from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel criticized U.S. strategy as fuzzy on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.