7 U.S. Cities Compose Half of Country's Gentrification

Gentrification overwhelmed seven of America's largest and wealthiest cities, with coastal urban areas such as New York City and Washington, D.C. contributing to a majority of the nationwide economic displacement.

Cities Across U.S. Increase Security at Mosques

"In the wake of this tragedy, we urge mosques, Islamic schools and other community institutions in the United States and around the world to take stepped-up security precautions, particularly during times of communal prayer."

Cities of the (Not So Distant) Future

With the lower cost of transportation and repurposed space available for multifamily housing, more parts of the city can be made affordable to households with limited means.

The Best Cities to Raise a Family

Whether you're planning to start a brood soon or want to give your kids a new start, these are the best places in America to raise a happy, healthy family.

The Cities Americans Are Abandoning

Former industrial powerhouses have fared the worst, with Detroit and the outer reaches of Chicago losing inhabitants fast.