Stray Umbrella Impales Woman in Chest

An unattended umbrella with a wooden shaft pierced the skin of a woman on the beach, striking her on the upper-left side of her chest. 

Guardian Angels Celebrate 39th Anniversary

Chapters range from San Francisco to Boston, Israel to Japan, but the civilian crime-fighting group began as the brainchild of a McDonald's manager fed up with the mayhem in 1970s New York.

Why New York Rent Prices Are Dropping

Rent prices have dropped in New York City as a result of booming supply and renters that have "tapped out" for what they are willing to pay for units.

NYC Jail Inmate Claims False Imprisonment

Glenn Kindler, 55, is suing the city and state for false imprisonment after he was kept in the jail for 252 days beyond when he was supposed to be freed.

City Dwellers Could Have Roommates at Age 65

You could still be living with a roommate at the age of 65. According to survey data, the number of adult city renters needing roommates has increased across age groups.