Cruz Snaps At Debate Moderator During Civility Question

"There is a loss of civility, there is an anger, there is a rage on the far left that is frightening," the senator said. "The images of the left-wing mob beating on the doors of the Supreme Court—that's not good for the country."

Minnesota GOP Candidate Says Man Sucker-Punched Him

Minnesota House Republican candidate Shane Mekeland claims he is recovering from a concussion after being allegedly assaulted Friday by a "bigger guy" who confronted him about not representing the middle class.

Tennessee Democrat: GOP Candidates 'Racist, Unethical'

The Tennessee Democratic Party county chairman sparked increased support and intense criticism after a Facebook post labeling Republican candidates "demonstrably racist, homophobic and unethical."

Laura Ingraham: Maxine Waters, Dems Want People Killed

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham said California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and all other Democrats "want people killed" and should be charged with inciting violence against Trump supporters.