Clean Energy


5 Costly Solar Panel Mistakes Homeowners Make and How to Avoid Them

Switching to cleaner, solar energy not only guarantees a lighter conscience but can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their electricity bill. But slapping a few solar panels on your roof doesn't always mean money saved.

Reducing City Emissions Could Generate $23.9 Trillion by 2050

"This report really lays out what are the set of measures that could get us all the way there--technically feasible, proven measures--and it actually goes a step further by saying what they might cost and the return they might generate."

Nuclear Fusion Has Been Achieved on a Mini Scale

Nuclear fusion takes place in the center of stars, but scientists are also attempting to reproduce it on Earth in the hopes of creating a clean and essentially unlimited power source that could replace fossil fuels.

California Bill Would Ban Gas Cars By 2040

Assemblymember Phil Ting says that the best way for California to meet emission-reduction goals is to set a deadline to increase the number of electric cars on the road.