Cold War

Where in the World Is the Berlin Wall?

Here, there and everywhere. Two and a half decades after its fall, large blocks and small chunks of Germany's famous dividing wall can be found all over the world.

Ukraine, Russia, EU Agree to Natural Gas Supply Deal

Ukraine, Russia and the European Union signed a deal on Thursday on the resumption of Russian natural gas supplies to Ukraine for winter after several months of delay during the conflict in Ukraine.

Dr. Strangelove Goes to the Moon

Recently declassified top-secret documents reveal the many bizarre—and occasionally scary—schemes behind the frantic scramble to win the space race

Some Good Mole Nostalgia

ABC's true-life miniseries about the CIA's desperate race to plug a deadly leak underscores the limits of NSA spying

America's Fukushima?

The nuclear reactors at Hanford made plutonium for Fat Man, the nuclear weapon dropped on Nagasaki, and stocked our Cold War arsenal; today, they sit on a radioactive wasteland that whistle-blowers say is a ticking time bomb.

JFK's Most Underrated Achievement

One of the JFK administration's biggest foreign policy accomplishments, the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 proved a turning point in the Cold War.