People Want to Rename Columbus, Ohio 'Flavortown' to Honor Guy Fieri

"Don't let tradition define what you interpret your truth as. Names are fluid. After all, New York was once New Amsterdam. Istanbul was once Constantinople. Tradition is just peer-pressure from the dead. Embrace your truth, and live it as loudly as Guy Fieri would want you to."

Columbus to Pay $150K to 2 Women in Stormy Club Arrest

Miranda Panda and Brittany Walters settled with the city of Columbus, Ohio, for $150,000 after they were unlawfully arrested at a gentlemen's club along with Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, in July 2018.

What Law Did Stormy Daniels Allegedly Break?

Daniels was arrested and accused of violating a controversial and conservative-backed Ohio state law called the Community Defense Act, which prohibits adult dancers from touching customers, and vice versa.

Stolen Columbus Letter Returned to Spain by ICE

While ICE has recently been making headlines for separating immigrant children from their parents, the agency is also responsible for investigating stolen artwork and looted cultural heritage.