Every Celebrity Mocked in the 'Borat' Sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen manages to make fun of two people very close to the president in 'Borat 2', but he also let one key interview subject in on the movie being a satire.

5 Hilarious Moments from Past WHCDs

Hasan Minhaj and Kenan Thompson were announced as performers for the 2020 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Look back on some of the funniest moments from past dinners.

Louis C.K. Announces Comeback Tour Despite Lack of Popular Demand

Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. publicly announced a new tour Monday, about two years after admitting he had been responsible for non-consensual sexual behavior. The announcement appears to have resulted in a mostly negative response online.

West Africa Benefit Concert Comes to New York

Manhattan is getting a benefit concert to raise money for West Africa, where the death toll from Ebola now exceeds 5,000 and the epidemic is said to be "nowhere near over."