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What are the Warren Ellis Allegations?

A large group of women has come together to claim that the "Castlevania" creator used his position in his industry to coerce them into romantic and sexual relationships

Read 'One Piece' Manga From The Beginning With Chapter 1

The very first issue of 'One Piece' was released in 'Weekly Shonen Jump' magazine in 1997. Since then, the sprawling series has had more than 950 issues. But it all started with a little village boy named Monkey D. Luffey.

'No One Left To Fight' Issue #2 Review

Aubrey Sitterson and Fico Ossio drop their second issue in Dark Horse Comics' new series, a combustible mix of super men and their fragile super egos.

Bollywood 'Riverdale'?

The CW hit has kicked off a renaissance for Archie and the gang—including a live-action movie in India.