Ancient Art of Falconry in Malta is Making a Comeback

Despite a storied past, falconry in the Mediterranean archipelago nation fell into decline. But a recent revival offers a thrill to visitors, who stand to play an integral role in efforts to protect the peregrine falcon.

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico

Fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico turn to conservation through tourism in Isla Mujeres as they take advantage of the whale shark migration.

An Eco-Gorilla Opens in Rwanda

Rwanda is doubling down in the preservation of its mountain gorillas with the opening of the new Singita Volcanoes National Park property.

Indigenous Lands Have Highest Biodiversity: Study

The Earth is in the grips of what scientists have dubbed the "Sixth Mass Extinction" with the global rate of species extinction at least "tens to hundreds of times higher" than the average over the past 10 million years.