Amy Coney Barrett and the New Feminism of Interdependence

It's time for a new feminism to emerge—and for GOP lawmakers to demonstrate their commitment to family values. That will require defining a new feminism of interdependence and a pro-family economic policy agenda.

Liberalism Has Failed

America's dilapidated state today can be directly traced to liberalism's failures as political theory.

Liberalism Has Not Failed

Liberalism's critics fail to appreciate the wonders it has achieved for human civilization.

A New Agenda for the Right

A recent essay deserves praise for clarifying the intellectual battle lines of our present political moment.

Texas Republican Calls For "American Nationalist Party"

""Let's finish what Trump started and capitalize on the yearning for an American Nationalist party and put these Bolsheviks in their place," Tarrant County Tea Party Member Fredrick Hambright wrote in a blog post.