Why the Supreme Court has Nine Justices

The possibility of increasing the number of justices to artificially give one president, and one party, greater influence over the Court came to be recognized as the ultimate violation of constitutional norms.

We Need Supreme Court Justices with Chutzpah

It's more important than ever to find genuine constitutionalists—originalists—to sit on the Supreme Court. And it's more difficult than ever to actually uphold the Constitution from the bench.

Save Our American System

If you like liberty, you should take a careful look at the intentional design of our American system of government and our nation's history of providing more freedom, more opportunity and more prosperity than any other nation.

Celebrating Our Constitution's Birth, and What Makes it Work

Scalia, when not firing off some of the most interesting legal opinions in Supreme Court history, loved to travel the country teaching students—law school, college and high school students alike—about our nation's Founding document.