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Simple Tips to Cook Fancy Meals at Home

The risk of going outside can get quite daunting, and the urge to go to a restaurant is getting strong. But you can always make your favorite meals at home with these tips in mind!

Four Ultimate Hangover Cure Recipes

Did you imbibe too much last night? Just call in sick, pick one of these dank AF recipes, and try to concentrate on making it through your hangover alive.

Thomas Keller Isn't Trying to Reinvent Fine Dining

Famed chef Thomas Keller's latest New York restaurant doesn't tout exotic ingredients or lengthy formal courses. Instead, the focus is on the quality of the food and the exceptional service.

'Chef's Table Pastry': Behind the Scenes at Milk Bar

An upcoming episode of Netflix Original Documentary Series "Chef's Table: Pastry" profiles Christina Tosi of New York's Milk Bar, who described to us her creative process in inventing desserts like cereal milk ice cream, compost cookies and crack pie.

From Greatest Restaurant of All Time to Innovation Lab

When Ferran Adrià decided to close elBulli, a restaurant many consider the most influential of our time, in order to reopen it as a kind of culinary think tank, he could not have imagined the obstacles to come.

The Science of Pie

Your dessert isn't just delicious; it's also a lesson in chemistry, physics and neurobiology.

Photos: The Edible Theater of Noma

A 14-course meal at Noma's pop-up restaurant in Tokyo includes langoustine speckled with black ants, shaved monkfish liver and cuttlefish "soba" with a bowl of pine broth and rose petals.