Donald Trump Criticizes Mitt Romney For His Impeachment Trial Vote

"The Republicans stuck together, except Romney of course -- low life," he said. "Low life! Except Romney, they stuck together, and even him I got half a vote. I was thinking, because he did actually vote one part.," Trump said during his speech at CPAC.

CPAC Day 2: Here's Everything We Know About the Event

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference is set for a busy second day on Thursday, with prominent speakers including Vice President Mike Pence and GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel scheduled to take part.

CPAC Chairman Confronted With Trump's Offensive Remarks

The rancorous debate on CNN mirrored conversations happening across cable news stations, as surrogates of the president denounced Wolf's cutting jokes but were forced to reconcile them with the president's own history of insulting opponents.

CPAC's 'Truman Show' Stage Set Blows Up

Fear has been a political motivator for years. But with conservatives in charge of all three branches of government and ISIS on the run, CPAC gathering seemed listless—until a reminder about Trump's troubles blew up the room.