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Americans Paid Back $82 Billion in Credit Card Debt Over the Summer

The citizens have paid back a record amount in credit card debt over the last few months. Learn how they are dealing with no stimulus checks, and using tech and assistance programs from card issuers to stay afloat.
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13 Signs You Might Have Credit Card Problems (And How to Fix It)

Borrowing money is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you're diligent in paying off your debts. But sometimes, people have no choice as unforeseen circumstances bring them in an unfortunate financial situation.
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Your Personal Loan Might Be Affecting Your Credit Score

Without any doubt, when you take out a personal loan, you can improve your credit mix and broaden your payment history. This will improve your credit score. However, if you pay late or don't pay at all, your credit score will be harmed.
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5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid During the Pandemic

A list of 5 common financial mistakes that are costing you money, and simple ways to tackle them for bringing positive changes from day one.
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5 Smart Money Moves you can Make in 2020

Bring positive changes to your finances from day one using these simple strategies.
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Top 3 Best Debt Relief Programs of 2020 to Be Financially Independent

What to do if you are already knee-deep in debt with no silver lining in sight? With a little financial prudence and a proper debt relief plan, it is possible for you to be debt-free, fast.