When the Center Cannot Hold

Republicans must be willing to differentiate themselves from Democrats on the foundational issue of securing law and order.

Justice Returns

The nation's most prominent retributivist advocate for the death penalty weighs in on the resumption of federal executions.

President Trump Approved Use of Force at Border

As 400 military police officers from the U.S. Army redeployed to San Diego, the Trump administration approved the use of U.S. troops at the border for law enforcement tasks, permitting them to employ lethal force.

DHS Spies Are Among the Migrant Caravan

Additionally, around 400 military police officers from the U.S. Army are set to be redeployed to San Diego as a caravan of migrants approaches the southern border.

Robbing Banks With Blowtorches

Criminals get busted for dropping into banks from the roof and tunneling through walls adjacent to bank buildings.