'Rabid' Raccoons Just Drunk, West Virginia Police Say

Milton (West Virginia) Police Department said two raccoons captured this week had been released near the woods unharmed. It wasn't the first time animals had made headlines for public intoxication.

Texas DMV Bans 'LOKHMUP' Anti-Trump Vanity Plate

A Texas motorist is being forced to change his anti-Trump "LOKHMUP" vanity license plate after the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) received a complaint and deemed it "derogatory.'

Autistic Son Mom Removed From Flight 'Won't Fly Again!'

The Halkuff family is reeling after being forced off an American Airlines Boeing 737 after their 5-year-old son, who has autism, experienced a fright and struggled to board. The mother told Newsweek she refuses to fly again.

Watch: Passenger Mutiny Shows Sleepy Bus Driver Overrun

Passengers on a Greyhound Bus traveling from Phoenix to Dallas engaged in "mutiny" when they realized the driver was falling asleep and attempting to keep herself awake by pinching her face with tweezers.