Two Former Colleagues Dispute O'Reilly's JFK Story

Tracy Rowlett and Byron Harris of WFAA-TV in Dallas told Media Matters that O'Reilly was in Dallas, not Florida, when Lee Harvey Oswald confidante George de Mohrenschildt killed himself in Palm Springs.

Ice Storm Wreaks Havoc in Southwest U.S.

The storm knocked out power to thousands of people, led to hundreds of traffic accidents and caused nearly 1,400 flight cancellations nationwide.

Training to Treat Ebola With Hot Sauce?

Health workers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center practice removing protective gear properly by treating fake patients doused with Tabasco sauce.

Ebola Frontline: Theories About Ebola Abound

The hospitalization and recent death of Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, provoked a media firestorm in America which trickled down to websites and conversations in Sierra Leone