Does It Matter If We Hate Facebook?

Facebook has climbed to the top of the "most hated corporation" list, which raises the question: So, what? Does being hated, or at least mistrusted, really matter?

AI Could Improve Care, but What About Your Privacy?

If you think Facebook and Google invade your privacy, imagine what hackers could do with a minute-to-minute log of your disease symptoms, behaviors, locations and even your appearance and conversations.

Bill, Melinda Gates Says Big Data Is 'Sexist'

Bill and Melinda Gates described worldwide Big Data as inherently "sexist," as opposed to objective, with the Microsoft co-founder saying the gender divide is hindering progress on women's rights.

NOAA Climate Data Taken Offline During Shutdown

The website for the National Climatic Data Center showed a message that read: "The website you are trying to access is not available at this time due to a lapse in appropriation."