David hogg

Trump's Old Ted Cruz Tweet to Appear on Texas Billboard

David Hogg, a survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the head of an anti-Trump, anti-NRA Super PAC raised more than requested on GoFundMe to put up a Texas billboard featuring Trump ridiculing Sen. Ted Cruz.

David Hogg Says 'Old' Dems Should Mimic 'Young' GOP

David Hogg defended his comments that "old" Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi should be replaced with "young" leaders similar to how the GOP promoted Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan.

Police Officer Suggests David Hogg Get Hit by Car

"Hope some old lady loses control of her car in that lot. Jus saying….." Coconut Creek police officer Brian Valenti allegedly wrote on the Coral Springs/Parkland Facebook page.

What Is a 'Sanctuary County' for Guns?

One county leader who voted in favor of the resolution dismissed the activism of Parkland students, saying they "still wear diapers."