Fox News Guest: Carlson Called Me A 'F***ing Moron'

Justin Wells, Senior Executive Producer of "Tucker Carlson Tonight", told Newsweek the interview was spiked because they respected their "audience's time too much to consider airing it"

Ex-Trump Adviser Jokes About Trading President to U.K.

"We do have this guy in America who's supposed to be the world's best negotiator.... Maybe if we sent him over to you it could help you, and it could be helpful for us too," Gary Cohn told the British chancellor.

Business Leaders Slam Trump's 'Very Damaging' Trade War

"The trade war has been very damaging for the U.S. agricultural economy," David MacLennan, chief executive of U.S. food and agricultural giant Cargill, said in Davos Wednesday. "The longer this goes on, the worse it is."

Trump Failed to Deliver on Economic Growth Promise

The economy continues to grow at a stable rate, but misses President Trump's 4 percent growth prediction by 1.4 points. For perspective, one percentage point of gross domestic product growth could generate 1 million new jobs.