Democratic debate

Joe Biden Refuses to Disavow Sen. Dick Harpootlian After Racist Comments

Former Vice President Joe Biden would agree to disavow alleged racist statements from supporter of his campaign South Carolina state Senator Dick Harpootlian during Friday's Democratic debate, telling his fellow candidate Tom Steyer that he believes Harpootlian is "sorry for what he said."

Lt. Col Vindman Gets Standing Ovation at Democratic Debate

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, fired by President Donald Trump on Friday, got a standing ovation at the New Hampshire Democratic debate hours later, after former Vice President Joe Biden suggested that he should have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom instead of Rush Limbaugh.

Who Won the Seventh Democratic Debate in Iowa?

Elizabeth Warren pointed out that the men on stage were losers, and after the debate she didn't shake Bernie Sanders' hand. There were sparks in between, too.