Democratic national convention

Hillary Clinton: 'We Are Not Afraid'

In her historic speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, Hillary Clinton presented a sharply more upbeat view of the country than the dark vision Donald Trump offered at last week's Republican gathering.

Obama: With Clinton, Yes We Can Again

President Barack Obama painted an optimistic picture of America's future in a speech aimed at giving full-hearted support to Hillary Clinton to help her defeat Donald Trump.

Gun Safety and the 2016 Election

The daughter of the slain principal at Sandy Hook called Hillary Clinton the "first gun-sense commander in chief."

Democratic Convention: What to Expect Wednesday

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine will be center stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday night.

Michelle Obama Wins Night One of DNC

Michelle Obama delivered an impassioned endorsement of Hillary Clinton, focused on forging a prosperous nation for future generations.

What to Expect Today at the DNC

Former President Bill Clinton is a headline speaker on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention.