Democratic Party

Biden Corruption and the Thursday Debate

We have a scandal involving Vice President Joe Biden, his brothers and his son dealing with China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Oman and possibly other foreign influence buyers.

Lagging in the Polls, Trump Team Predicts Win Based on 'Enthusiasm'

Trailing Democratic rival Joe Biden in most major national polls, President Donald Trump and his supporters say a different metric—enthusiasm—is all that matters, and they point to massive crowds at his rallies in key swing states as evidence that he'll pull off a win on November 3.

Belmont Students Want Trump Campaign to Follow COVID Protocol At Debate

Despite being located in downtown Nashville, where coronavirus cases are on the rise, Belmont University has managed to keep their number of infections low. Students are worried that the school's decision to host the final presidential debate may jeopardize their vigorous healthy and safety efforts.