Democratic Party

Republicans Recorded Comparing Smear of Dem Mayor to George Tiller Murder

"There's not a single pro-life person that's not happy" that abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered in 2009, a Kansas GOP official was allegedly recorded saying while justifying fake sexual harassment allegations against Democratic Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple shortly before he was elected.

Joe Biden's Fracking Comments in Debate May Come Back to Haunt Him in PA

Reactions of voters in critical battleground counties after last night's debate evoke those of fans at a heavyweight championship fight between a seasoned challenger poised to claim the title and a "laid back" title holder claiming victory by raising both arms over his head at the final bell.

Twelve Days for a Winning Campaign

This debate is not the end of the campaign. There are still 12 days, including today and election day, in the vote-attracting phase alone.