Trump Still Deports Less People Than Obama

Under Obama, annual deportations remained well above 300,000 per year from when he took office in 2008 until 2014. They reached a peak in 2012, with a total of 409,849.

Amid Chaos, Ortega and ICE Work to Deport Nicaraguans

The Trump administration and Daniel Ortega blame each other for Nicaragua's unrest, but ICE and Managua are quietly working together to expedite the deportation of Nicaraguans to their country of origin.

Holocaust Survivors Urge Israel Not to Deport Africans

"We, who know precisely what it's like to be refugees, to be homeless and bereft of a state that preserves and protects us from violence and suffering, cannot comprehend how a Jewish government can expel refugees and asylum seekers to a journey of suffering, torment and death."

Priest Goes on Hunger Strike for DACA

"I can't have any direct say in decisions that are going to be made, but this is one thing I can do," the Reverand Gary Graf told Newsweek.

What's Next for the DREAMers?

Trump has urged Congress to take up the issue, tweeting that lawmakers should "get ready to do your job."