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Heal From Your Mental Issues

An altered state of consciousness ( sometimes referred to as the non-ordinary state) is a mental state where the mind is not in its usual wakeful state but is still highly mindful, receptive, and sensitive to the environment. Altered states of consciousness can happen during the dream stage of sleep, hypnosis, trances, hallucinations, and even during meditation.
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Can Yoga + CBD Help Your Depression?

The reflective relaxation component of yoga is devised to induce a sense of peacefulness, well-being, stress tolerance, and mental focus, all of which should reduce your feelings of depression.
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5 Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep

Depriving the body of sleep does not only cause grogginess. It causes more serious health issues than that.
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5 Incredible Ways to Self-Heal Your Body and Mind in Just 10 Minutes

You can now self-heal your body and mind simultaneously in just 10 minutes with these 5 incredible ways. Self-healing is easy and you can start channeling your body's energy from today!

Podcaster John Moe on Why Comedy and Depression Often Go Hand in Hand

Depression "is not a mood, it's a psychological disorder," says John Moe, podcaster and author of "The Hilarious World of Depression." "Simplistic solutions [are] useless to the point of being insulting. It's like saying, 'Just go for a nice walk and you won't have such leukemia.'"

Podcaster John Moe on What's Most Important To Understand About Depression

"I won't unfriend depression. While the friend wants to kill me, I have learned to deny it the means and opportunity to do so, so we're good. Honestly, the perspective that depression has on the world can be edifying even if it is full of distortions," says podcaster John Moe.