Florida Judge Orders ICE To Report Positive Coronavirus Cases

"I'm in so much pain, I barely have breath in my chest and my throat hurt," one detainee told the Miami Herald. "I'm sorry I'm crying but my bones and my body aches, I feel faint and my fever is burning. Please help me."

What Happened Inside an Immigration Detention Empire

Needing detention space, ICE has used noncompetitive contracts called Intergovernmental Service Agreements to quickly bring beds online. But is the government failing to impose accountability standards on its sprawling immigrant-prison system?

U.S. Transfers 15 Gitmo Inmates to UAE

The transfer of the 12 Yemeni and three Afghan citizens brings the total number of detainees down to 61 at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Details Emerge on Plan for Closing Gitmo

President Obama said the plan to close Guantánamo Bay Prison in Cuba and transfer detainees would save more than $300 million over a decade.