Exclusive: Trump Orders Thousands More Troops to Border

Defense Department documents obtained by Newsweek show a troop surge at the southwest border, a request made by the White House amid President Donald Trump's renewed push to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants.

International Students Threatened By Deportation Scam

A Miami University student in Ohio reports being the latest victim of nationwide extortion scams in which international students are threatened with deportation if they don't transfer thousands of dollars to illicit solicitors.

Under Shutdown, Transparency Takes a Hit

"It is a vital function of government to let the public know what is happening in its name," Government Accountability Project Executive Director Louis Clark said.

Homeland Security Issues Bizarre Memo About Border Wall

"DHS is committed to building wall and building wall quickly. We are not replacing short, outdated and ineffective wall with similar wall. Instead, under this President we are building a wall that is 30-feet high."

President Trump Approved Use of Force at Border

As 400 military police officers from the U.S. Army redeployed to San Diego, the Trump administration approved the use of U.S. troops at the border for law enforcement tasks, permitting them to employ lethal force.

DHS Spies Are Among the Migrant Caravan

Additionally, around 400 military police officers from the U.S. Army are set to be redeployed to San Diego as a caravan of migrants approaches the southern border.

DHS Backs Trump's 'Middle Easterners' Caravan Claim

Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Tyler Houlton said citizens of countries outside Central America, including the Middle East, were "currently traveling through Mexico toward the U.S." but cited no proof.

Protesters Gather Outside DHS Secretary's Home

Holding signs that read "Child snatcher" and "2,300 children ripped from their families, no plan to reunite them," protesters chanted "No justice, no sleep!" and "Free the kids!"

Trump Lashes Out at DHS Secretary: Report

Trump reportedly went on a "lengthy tirade," scolding Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for failing to adequately secure the country's borders.