The White House Is Right To Ditch Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is inherently divisive. It splits American society into racial groups and insists that the tension between them cannot disappear until we've eliminated all existing social structures.

Changing the Language of Entrepreneurship is the Key to Representation

If the gatekeepers to opportunity present opportunity with a language that women, people of color, queer folks, and other minorities have been systemically taught to dissociate themselves from, they will struggle to see themselves taking advantage of said opportunity. They will not answer the door when opportunity comes knocking because they will assume the knock was meant for someone else.

Pete Buttigieg Isn't Winning Enough Black Voters

Buttigieg has raced ahead in Democratic polls this month but still struggles to attract the black and Hispanic vote, crucial blocs for a Democratic presidential contender.

She(256) Is Disrupting The Male Dominated Tech Field

Last year, Sara Reynolds found herself among the brightest minds of her generation at a blockchain conference for students at the University of California, Berkeley. But when she looked around the auditorium, she noticed something: Nearly all the attendees were white men.

The Rise of Dishonest Diversity

"If derelict systems will ever evolve," says author Irshad Manji, "people have to risk giving offense."