Donald Trump Russia

Russia's Dark History of Influence in America

Over half a century, first the Soviet Union and then Russia have made numerous efforts—some successful—to penetrate the United States, recruit spies, and plant agents of influence.

Don Jr. to Trump: Don't Sit Down With Mueller

Donald Trump Jr. told Fox and Friends that Trump shouldn't sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller and calls Russia probe a witch hunt against the president.

Trump Lawyer's Russia Trip Not Part of FBI FISA Case

The House Intelligence Committee ranking member said the FBI left the Cohen-Kremlin meeting allegation out of the parts of the Steele dossier they provided to the FISA court, suggesting that the FBI could not corroborate it. 

Russian Bots Made Fake Facebook Events, Retweeted Trump

The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that Russia launched an unprecedented series of cyber attacks and fake news floods to sow division and sway voters ahead of Trump's surprise victory.

Trump Tells Himself Mueller Probe Is Almost Done

Trump and many of his aides believe that the investigation has reached "its final stage" as Mueller indicts and interviews those closest to the president. Legal experts disagree.

Russian Officials Identified In DNC Emails Hack

Justice Department prosecutors have gathered evidence on the Russian officials for what could be one of the most revealing discoveries yet about the Kremlin's election meddling.