Trump's Border Wall by the Numbers

The border wall is a serious wedge between Congressional Democrats and Republicans seeking to reform the country's immigration laws.

Democrats Fear 2018 Defeats If DACA Deal Fails

"The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party's future electoral success," the memo reads.

Potentially Illegal Immigration Raid Caught on Camera

New video of a potentially illegal raid by immigration agents in California provides a vivid snapshot of what excessive enforcement actions happening across the country look like under President Donald Trump's directive, advocates say.

'DREAMers' Living Nightmare Under Trump

Immigration authorities are also detaining DACA holders for hours to run criminal background checks and arresting protected recipients for being in the country illegally.

Dreamers Occupy Senate Building For DACA Rights

More than 1,000 people occupied the Hart Senate Building early on Thursday morning. At 11:30 AM, protestors unfurled large banners and began chanting in unison, "DREAM Act now!"