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Fruity Cocktails To Help You De-stress

These cocktail recipes are totally easy to re-create and amazingly scrumptious. Be your own bartender tomorrow night and try these out ASAP!
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Detox From Quarantine Toxicity And Binge Drinking

With the threat of the coronavirus and all the changes it has brought, many feel anxious and are overall stressed. It is tempting to self-medicate with alcohol, but remember that it is mainly a depressant with detrimental long-term effects.

7 Spirits You Need to Be Drinking

Jonathan Ray, author of the encyclopedic guide 'That's the Spirit,' shares his favorite whiskies, liqueurs, grappa and more.

Don't Drink the Pond Scum

Most sources of drinking water in the U.S. are vulnerable to contamination from toxic forms of algae, and climate change might be increasing the risk.