Drug War

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Pentagon Reiterates CBD Use Restrictions in Troops

Using CBD products is now a crime in the military. The overarching ban removes some of the complications CBD and hemp usage introduces into the military's drug-testing system.
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Why We Need for the "Drug Warriors" to Go Back to Being "Peace Officers"

Talking about "abolishing" or "defunding'' the police simply delays making the difficult decisions that have to be made about the Drug War, and especially marijuana prohibition, and the other ways that the police have simply had all of society's problems dumped on them.

Mexico Captures Juarez Cartel Boss Carrillo: Source

A keen horseman who used a network of cattle ranches in the northern state of Chihuahua to store shipments of Colombian cocaine, Carrillo took over the Juarez Cartel in 1997 after his brother Amado died during plastic surgery.