Golf Club Latest Trump Property to Face Liquor License Complaint

A letter sent by New Jersey state officials to one of President Donald Trump's golf resorts claims that the club violated the terms of its liquor license. A previous attempt to remove a liquor license from a Trump property was unsuccessful in September.

Video: Michigan Sheriff Begs Not To Be Arrested For DUI

A Michigan deputy's body camera recorded "super drunk" Midland County Sheriff Scott A. Stephenson incoherently ranting and pleading not to be taken to jail after blowing a 0.233 breathalyzer test.

Man Mounts 'Two Gin and Tonics' Defense Against DUI

Steve Foster, 61, a Democratic candidate running for U.S. Congress in Georgia's 14th District, claimed he drank only two gin and tonics—to aid his malaria—and that he was beaten in jail by Aryan inmates.